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So, after happily using Thunderbird 1.5 for my email forever, I made the mistake of upgrading to Thunderbird 7 (and now, Thunderbird 8, on a WinXP box). The problem? Neither of these versions will display images in my emails, no matter how I fuck about with the settings (and believe me, I have spent HOURS searching for a fix that will actually fix the problem). Yes, I have "display images inline" checked, along with "original HTML". I have gone into the config thing and set it to always display remote images (which only took away the "display remote images?" question box, didn't actually get any of the images to display). I have been told it's a security thing (no shit, Sherlock; that's why I liked being able to decide which emails to load images for, however, when I decide I would like the images to ACTUALLY LOAD), and that T-bird does this when emails are malformed (every email? EVERY SINGLE ONE? Not buying it, thanks), but I have not been given an actual solution.

So I'm bidding a sad farewell to Thunderbird, as soon as I can find a replacement that isn't Outlook. Unless one of you can tell me how to fix this crap?
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I have no idea what I'll write, except that it will probably involve giant transforming robots (or not-so-giant transforming robots, a handful of Knight Industries vehicles, and the Winchester brothers, because I never did finish the crackover from however many NaNos ago...yes, my motto is "Need moar wordz, add moar fandomz"). Or possibly I will write the Dragon Quest IV/Dragon Quest VIII crossover that's been in my head.

Oh, and for the record, the new laptop got named Zenithia, Zen for short.
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So, anyone who has known me for five minutes knows I name things. I name my pets, I name my vehicles, I name my computers, and hell, I even named my Nintendo DS (Ruby) and my PSP (Fran). I am, in short, completely in agreement with Elisa Maza when she says, "Things need names."

("Does the sky need a name, lass? Or the river?" "The river is called the Hudson." "Then I shall be the Hudson as well." /gargoyles moment)

Which is the background you need to understand my trauma over OMG MY NEW LAPTOP CAME YESTERDAY AND THERE IS NOT A NAME IN THE UNIVERSE AWESOME ENOUGH FOR HER.

(Since she has a red case, I was originally going to call her Charlie, after the A Squad Red Ranger. INSUFFICIENTLY AWESOME. Then I thought, Samus, because, you know, fucking SAMUS ARAN. ALSO INSUFFICIENTLY AWESOME.)

Every other name I've considered has also been discarded on the basis of not badass enough, too crazy, too dead, too pink. (Sorry, Jen. You're still totes my favorite Pink Ranger, though.) And I am running out of fannish inspiration. :(

Maybe she'll just have to be called the Hudson. XD
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Dear Windows Movie Maker,

I am never going to finish this Arcee vid if you don't. STOP. CRASHING.

(And Windows Live Movie Maker for Win7 is, as far as I can tell, worthless for this sort of thing, so I can't even haul it to work and finish it there.)

Look, I'm almost done; all I have to do is tweak the timing a little, and then I promise I won't use you for DAYS. Just cooperate for a little while longer.

Yours in extreme frustration,

Edit: DONE! DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE! Now I just have to save the movie as a wmv (and how much do I wish I could just default WMM to save everything at the maximum possible output always?), and then convert to an avi, and then go to work a few minutes early and upload.


Jun. 25th, 2011 08:08 am
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Nothing like writing Tarantulas to remind you how fun it is writing characters with no ethics and a taste for pain.

In other news, while the new modem still only connects at 28.8 (that's just a function of the shitty phone lines), it takes it a fraction of the time to connect. I guess the old one had been going for a while, and I'd just assumed it was because of the aforementioned shitty phone lines.

While I had Rommi cracked open, though, I really should have replaced her fritzing DVD burner. Because having the DVD drive randomly and repeatedly pop open is annoying as all hell.

Damn it

May. 11th, 2011 10:11 pm
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I've lost the cable to connect Dulcea to the computer. This means I have no way to charge my iPod; how am I going to survive? D:
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...technology is really not my friend.

It doesn't help that I'm trying to teach new tricks to a computer with no internet connection, which is making things that normally would be really really easy, really really not.
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...how putting all of the menu items into a single Firefox button makes things more organized?

I do not want Microsoft Office trying to guess what I am doing and "help"; I certainly do not want the "awesome bar" doing so.

And my tabs are just fine below the address bar, thanks.

Or, short version: does anyone have a link to download Firefox 3.6? Because I suspect Firefox 4 and I will not get on well.
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Not one of my computers, obviously, as there has been no reality-tearing shriek of anguish. No, I have a dead HP computer that I was given, and I think I want to rebuild it. Better. Faster. Stronger. We have the technology.

So...where do I start?

The computer was probably five or six years old and consists of a mid-size case, a fried motherboard, a laughable 512MB of RAM, and a 250 watt power supply. The hard drives have already been cannibalized, but there are two Lightscribe combo drives that, presumably, still work.

Bad thing about the case: it has a funky little jut of metal that makes it not want to take a normal power supply; the area for the plug hits the metal and won't allow it to seat in so the last two screws can be inserted. On the upside, the interior braces probably mean it doesn't NEED all four screws.

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Last week when I replaced Rommi's power supply, I discovered that her case fan, instead of being the 3 pin connection I was expecting, was hardwired in. -__- (No, don't ask why I didn't look when I was looking to see what watt power supply I needed.) So back I trotted to Tiger Direct, and ordered a green LED case fan (because damn it, if I have to replace the fan I'm getting one I'll enjoy looking at. Also, it was six bucks.)

Fan arrived Thursday. Dragovian had energy to deal with fan today.

Round 1:
Dragovian: Opens Rommi's case. Dragovian discovers the power supply HAS no open 3 pin connector.

Tiny Green Fan: Has a 3 pin to 4 pin converter in box! \o/

Dragovian: Connects fan. Closes case. Turns on Rommi.

Tiny Green Fan: *sucks air into case*

Dragovian: *facepalm*

Round 2:

Dragovian: Opens Rommi's case. Flips fan around so it'll blow, not suck. (There is really no good way to say that, so I'm not trying.) Closes case. Turns on Rommi.

Tiny Green Fan: *rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Dragovian: *facepalm*

Round 3:
Dragovian: Opens Rommi's case. Gently moves ridiculous mass of power cables away from fan. Closes case. Turns on Rommi.

Tiny Green Fan: *blows air* *lights interior of computer and underside of desk in sepulchral green glow*

Dragovian: VICTORY!
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I spent this morning getting my girl back up and running. She's so QUIET now! I mean, there's stuff on the screen, but I still keep looking down to make sure she's on because...silence! And she boots faster because while I was unplugging things, I disconnected the damn 3.5" floppy drive that hasn't worked in a year (and that I hadn't used in a year before that).

We are going to spend a while downloading the gigantic backlog of emails, and then I'm off to the store to buy her new speakers, to replace the ones the cats nommed.
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Rommi's power supply fan went out last night, and I've no idea if Dillon actually has a regular phone modem or not. :(
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Anyone have recs for an external hard drive that I can store my music on, and (most importantly) that is durable enough I can play my music from it without having to worry it'll go south in six months to a year? Because I haven't had much luck with using externals for that purpose, but my music is eating my C drive and I really need to put it somewhere.

(And by play I mean, iTunes comes on with the computer and doesn't stop until the computer goes off, unless I'm watching video, which would come from the same drive, so no rest then.)
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I spent this morning trying to get Dante to understand that yes, he does have printers. He used them ALL DAY YESTERDAY (when I was printing out things for today's Bark for Life, which is like the Relay for Life, only you take your dogs with you; we is a sponsor). The print spooler kept being off, even though I kept going into services and restarting it and double-triple-quadruple checking that, yes, the print spooler is set to auto restart. I rebooted. I turned him off completely. I turned the PRINTERS off. At one point, he recognized the printers as printers, but still claimed "function not available" when I'd try to, you know, PRINT.

This, my friends, is what you get when you name a computer after an SUV with a huge stick up his tailpipe. :P

Eventually, I said, "Fuck you," installed the latest Windows updates so they'd stop nagging me, and rebooted.

And his printers came back.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW, YOU GUYS! Rommi never gave me this kind of trouble even back when we were running Win 3.1.

So today's 750 words started mostly about my adventures with apparently drain bamaged computers, and ended with me outlining how to bring the TKR cars into the Indestructible-verse. *facepalm* Because simply having two KITTs clearly can't get me into enough trouble. (Billy wants Domino. Domino is all, "Yeah, no," about it.) THIS IS BECOMING LIKE THE CRACKOVER* ONLY ANGSTIER.

Also, today I discovered that if you go 20 days without distractions, you get an "undistractible" mutant hamster inna hamster ball badge. :D

*For those who weren't around for my last NaNo project, it was a crossover between Knight Rider, Knight Rider 2008, Supernatural, and Bayformers. The Impala is sekritly an Autobot. KARR kidnapped Dean. Mike and Michael bonded over cheap diner coffee while they waited for their supercars to be towed back to base. Hence the name, crackover. There is still a part of me that wants to finish it.
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Dragon Cave has new eggs since last time I was there: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

My love affair with the new computer had not ended by the time I left for home. In fact, I was asked if perhaps the computer and I needed some alone time (I replied that it was probably best if we had a chaperone).

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