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Discovering people have already made Pacific Rim/Power Rangers mashup videos.

Linked from [personal profile] tptigger Pacific Rim by way of the original MMPR opening credits soundtrack Then I found this. AND THIS.

And now, god help me, I can't stop thinking, "I'm sure these could be made more awesome with Tommy sound clips." >_> Also that more movies could be improved by Zordon.
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One of the players in my TFP RP drew a portrait of my character. She did it in just a few hours. IT IS AMAZING.

It is also under the cut, though it's not really very big. )

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A high school girl in Michigan achieved the unprecedented feat of being crowned homecoming queen and kicking a game-winning field goal for her team all in one night. (My apologies for the link going to Fox.)

Edit: Today I wrote 1,326 words in 750words.com (actually, I wrote them in MS Word and brought them to work and pasted them in, because my internet at home is down). This gives me a 499 day streak.

Also, did you know they have a badge for breaking 500,000 words overall? I discovered that on the first of the month.

I don't know if I should be more pleased at sticking with the site for this long, or distressed that I've written five novels worth of words in the past year and a half (ish) and have absolutely nothing to show for it.
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The love of a car may be the truest love there is, save maybe for the love of a dog for its person--and even there, there's a divide, because the love of a car proves that the car has been loved. A dog loves because dogs exist to love man. A car loves because man exists to love the car. -- From Tell Laura I Love Her by [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire

HI HI HI Rose Marshall, you are totally relevant to my interests. :DDDD

If hitchhiking ghost stories told from the pov of the ghost (who can totally sense the spirits of the vehicles she hitches rides in *squeebounce*), are also relevant to your interests, you can read the Sparrow Hill Road stories here.
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This week's [livejournal.com profile] beastwars_100 prompt is PAST PROMPTS! Thirty-two prompts to choose from, and two weeks to drabble our little hearts out.

Edit: I have officially been watching too much TF Prime; not only did I type Decepticon instead of Predacon, it took me half a dozen editing passes to NOTICE I'd typed Decepticon instead of Predacon.
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Firstly, my lovely ladies have arrived.

Cut for a largish picture of fake spiders. )

And J!!!!! I got the package! :D I was not expecting you to send the game along with the CD!!!!! I must now make someone play with me! :DDDDDD
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But OH, the baby dragovian is in love! Beaded Bugs

At this moment, the only thing stopping me from buying a bug is not knowing which one I want. Do I get the beautiful blue and black dragonfly who could be Wingstorm? Do I get a spider? WHICH spider? The black and green one that my color preferences demand? The gold and crystal one that stubbornly keeps catching my eye? The elegant all black, or maybe the black and crystal? Black and amber? I can't choose.
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And her list o' happysongs in this post, I very much want a fanvid for Mary Chapin-Carpenter's Shut Up and Kiss Me (YouTube link). I just have no clue what fandom I'd want it in. *ponders*
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Was just me, opening the envelope containing the half-bottle of Cerberus I swapped for. OMG it smells just as awesome as I remember; why can't I find anything else that smells this good? I mean, something that is NOT a long-discontinued limited edition?

In other squee-worth news, [personal profile] raisedbymoogles is posting sketches of her Beast Wars steampunk AU characters, which makes me SQUEE LIKE A SQUEEING THING. :D
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So, Saturday morning I broke down and changed the shipping on my Amazon order to "Standard" because, hey, for five bucks it was worth not having to wait until July for Sonic.

Yesterday...yes, that would be Easter Sunday...I got the shipping notice.

Sonic arrived in my mailbox TODAY.

This DVD set is like a love letter to the fans. The packaging, right down to the disc artwork, is all fanart. There's a printable copy of the pilot script. I...I want to hug my DVDs, and possibly the people responsible for making them, because it's like they get it.

Also, HOLY CRAP, Shout! Factory has released Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego on DVD! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? *kermit flail* MUST OWN MUST OWN MUST OWN!


This may...slightly derail my writing plans for the next few days, I'm just sayin'.
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Ficlet about Sagewind, who as she rightly says, is my favorite OC. :D
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Beast Wars: season one and ReBoot: ALL the seasons AND Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM (aka "the good version") have all been purchased and should arrive at various points in June. (I chose super saver shipping because I'm cheap, but it means Sonic will be arriving with ReBoot. I'll manage somehow.)
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When I pulled out my Beast Wars DVDs this morning, I noticed they were looking a bit scratched and worn and sad, so I toddled myself over to Amazon to see how ridiculously overpriced a replacement set might be.

And look what I found, guys! :D

June 7, I will have shiny new Beast Wars DVDs to wear out, yessss.

Also? They apparently re-released the first two seasons of ReBoot without me noticing. Has anyone heard about the quality of this new set? I know the original DVDs had Issues.

Edit: Or I could just wait, and get all four seasons of ReBoot in one set! *flailyhands* *squees* *wishlists*

Now they just need to re-release Shadow Raiders. Which they will not do, because only three people watched it. Sigh.
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Michael: You're in a good mood, KITT.

KITT: I do not have "moods", Michael, but I must admit I find my calculations encouraging.

Michael: What calculations?

KITT: I find there is an 86.4% probability that Dragovian will switch fandoms upon getting the Pirates of Dark Water DVDs. Bonnie promised to include a set in our budget.

Michael: Yeah, but if she hops fandoms, where does that leave you? Either as a horse, in the hands of an evil government organization, or with a new partner who may or may not be a traitor and me dead.

KITT: To the contrary. She's already written the ending of the horse story with me back in my original form, I'm safely in the hands of Bonnie and Sarah in Indestructible, and she has also resolved what she calls the "plot relevant" sections of Fallen Knight. I can't lose.

Niddler: Maybe you can't, but I can. Oh, I just know I'm going to wind up skinned and with my feathers used as pillow stuffing.

Ren: Nobody's skinning you, Niddler.

Ioz: I don't know, she always did have a weird affection for the monkey-bird.

Niddler: And with her, "affection" means "pain". Someone just run me through and put me out of my misery!

Ren: *sigh* Nobody's running you through, either.

Ioz: Besides, didn't Tula already do that once*?

Tula: You aren't helping, Ioz.

*In a story sadly lost to time and the death of the HAL9000 before I learned to back up obsessively.
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Edit: I think I need to sign up for A Ficathon Walked [community profile] intoabar just so Ioz can walk into a bar and meet EVERYONE OMG.
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Last night, I cleverly posted the fourth part of Indestructible to AO3 without a summary. Hopefully, I didn't make any similar bonehead mistakes when actually patching together the story. This is the first part that's crossovery. First and so far only use of the Knight Rider (2008) fandom tag on AO3! Indestructible part 4 - Discovery (FF.net link)

[personal profile] merfilly wrote me a Knight Rider drabble. ♥

Speaking of people writing me things, she said shamelessly, someone totally needs to write me Indestructible-verse crack where, for some reason, Mike is driving KITT 2k and manages a comment as obnoxious as the time he told 3k to "suck it up" before fighting KARR. I would like KITT screeching to a stop and a lecture that begins with "Young man" and doesn't end until Mike apologizes profusely. (In even crackier crackfic, I would like someone to write about the cars being introduced to icanhascheezburger.com and spending the next week speaking in LOLcat.)

Indulged in retail therapy by pre-ordering Nox Arcana's Theater of Illusion, and then decided I should listen to every bit of Nox Arcana on my hard drive.

Edit: OMG the day is almost OVER and I still haven't even done my 750 Words. Someone please send me some incentive to do something other than sit in this chair and melt.
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OCTOBER 6, GUYZ! It can't come soon enough!
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I deeply love this FF7/FF8 crossover-verse, based on my prompt He couldn't qualify to be a SOLDIER, but maybe he could make it as a SeeD. I was not expecting something so awesomely world-buildy when I came up with that! :D

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