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At least, that was my solution tonight. Next time might be different.

Airazor made an incoherent sound as she came back online, lurching upwards against vines that were no longer binding her limbs, then falling painfully back to the hard surface beneath her. She cycled her optics; light overhead... lights, plural. No sky...

She rolled onto her side. "Tigatron?"

A moan from the blurry white blob beside her. "Airazor?"

"Looks like we survived."

"If you can call it that." He was coming into focus now, one hand pressed against his face. She could sympathize. "Where are we?"

"Don't know. Inside." She squinted at the smooth floor and symmetrical walls. "Not a natural cave, either." And not one built to a Maximal scale; the ceiling was high enough for her to fly comfortably. She wasn't sure she wanted to find out what needed so much space. "Can you transform? We'll travel faster in our beast modes."

"Are you sure that's wise?"

"Wherever we are, that plant had to have brought us here; what do you think the odds are of the others being able to track us down?" she asked, though she sympathized; she didn't much like the idea of transforming, much less /moving/, either.

"Given that they may not know anything has happened, not very good," he admitted, and pushed himself into a crouch. "Beast mode."

His transformation went smoothly enough - small favors - and he actually looked a bit better afterward, allowing Airazor to brace herself on his shoulder until she was upright. "Beast mode."

The transformation did her processor about as much good as she'd expected, but once the initial reaction passed, she had to admit she felt better. She spread her wings and took to the air; it was cool and still, and required more energy to fly than the thermals she was used to, but she felt safer in her element. Below, Tigatron trotted silently, easily pacing her.

Then the corridor ended and they were in a vaulting chamber lined with machinery, massive computer screens and even more massive consoles; her wings faltered and she dropped briefly before remembering how to fly again.

Definitely not built by Maximals.

Before she was over her shock, there was a faint change in air pressure, followed by a rumbling that grew steadily louder; an engine, she realized belatedly, as the source of the sound skidded to a stop in the middle of the chamber. A small organic bounded out of the transport, and then...

It transformed.

Tigatron had leapt out of the way when the transport first entered; now he maximized, drawing his weapon on the enormous green mech. "Tigatron, no!" Airazor shouted reflexively; they had no way of knowing if their weapons would be effective against something so large and heavily armored. The mech looked up, startled by the sound of her voice, and she circled to prevent it from having an easy shot at her.

As she circled, she caught sight of somethign Tigatron would not be able to see from his angle, one which he might not recognize if he did see it.

/An Autobot insignia? How is that even possible?/

It was a question which would have to wait until later, as the little organic had snatched a red cylinder from the wall and was hitting Tigatron with it, while he tried to hold her off without harming her.

"What are these things, Bulk?" the girl's voice drifted up to her.

"No clue, Miko." A massive hand swept up with surprising speed, snatching Airazor out of the air. "But I think we need to find out."

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*snerk!* Yeah, the tiger might have actually given her pause. Tiny!Robots? Not so much!

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