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Guys, who's going to be the upstart bronze rider who crashes Ritath's flight on bronze Zeddeth? (Not Rocky, Adam, or Aisha...as awesome as I think bringing a female bronze rider to the party would be *grin*...because I want them to come in as a trio of brown riders. Once I have dragons for them. I cannot in good conscience risk putting Rocky in charge of the Weyr.)


Mar. 29th, 2010 10:51 pm
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Me 'n' Jose Cuervo wrote 564 words of Angelo and Hades bitching about their mothers in law. Will post tomorrow, when I can be sure it makes some kind of sense.

And because I have NO SHAME at the moment, a double drabble for [insanejournal.com profile] the_willow.

You would make a good Weyrleader, Goldarth said. )
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Because this morning, I decided the best AU ever would be Power Rangers as dragonriders.

Yeah, I KNOW.

Now, I am lazy, and can't even get the stuff I want to write written, but I did go to the trouble of deciding on dragons and their riders...Cut for those who want to retain their sanity. )

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