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Not because I think anyone cares, but because I'm tired of not being able to find my own damn posts on that site.

Every so often, I wonder where the meme of Anduin Wrynn as a weak, cowardly pacifist comes from.

At thirteen, he straight up tells his father, Varian “I have anger management issues” Wrynn, that instead of becoming a warrior he’s going to go to another continent and study to become a priest with Velen. To his face. "This is what's happening. I am leaving. Bye."

In Cataclysm* he was all, “Hey, hero, something weird is going on; let’s go down to the docks and intimidate people for information.” And when you’re attacked by Twilight Cultists, his reaction is, “Here’s a shield and some heals; get with the killing.” After which he has the sense to get out from underfoot so you can murderhobo freely.

Then in Pandaria, he crosses an unfamiliar continent that can literally manifest your fear into monsters, talks the local gods into opening up their sacred Vale to refugees and outsiders, and then goes off to challenge Garrosh Hellscream, nearly getting killed in the process.

I mean, I get that a lot of the WoW fanbase is all about the mindless warmongering? But still, I don’t understand the rampant Anduin hate, when the closest I’ve seen him come to pacifism is “Maybe we should get all the information instead of going off half-cocked into combat.” Which, frankly, is the sort of attitude that might have kept the High King and Warchief from getting their asses handed to them at the Broken Shore, I’m just saying.

*A quest chain I will forever mourn the loss of, because how do you not enjoy roughing up people while the Crown Prince of Stormwind practically takes notes on your intimidation techniques?
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