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Anime Strike makes me think the answer is no.

I mean, I guess I shouldn't be shocked after Zon devoured Twitch, but...somehow, I am.
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However, as someone who has shown "interest" in the Twilight Saga, Amazon.com thinks I should know there is a New Moon Jacob Barbie out now.

You do have to admit, he beats all hell out of Ken. Or Edward Barbie, who frankly looks like an extra from Thriller.

And speaking of books with creepy male/female dynamics, I was reading Dragonriders of Pern fanfic this weekend. Now, here (much as with the Heralds of Valdemar), you have a setup for no harm, no foul sex...and what we seem to GET, is a whole lot of "Oh, I hope his dragon flies mine so we can have TEH SEX", followed by a whole lot of "OH NOES, what if his dragon flies a different dragon next time and he LEAVES ME! D:" Now, I may be off base here, as I never could make it through most of the later novels, but at what point did who flew whom affect anything in the bedroom beyond the duration of the mating flight? The only ones stuck with each other are the Weyrleaders, and that's only as far as working together running the weyr; they aren't married.

(Dear fandom, I know Anne has Issues with a capital ISH, but that doesn't mean we all need to embrace them.)

There is a part of me that wants to poke at how the books and fandom decry Holder narrow mindedness while still privileging Hold-style monogamy, and how the sexism is glossed over, and another part that thinks, "You should have finished creating that female brown rider so she could have lots and lots of sex with lots of different people of lots of different genders and scandalize fandom, but mostly...fandom doesn't seem to be worth that much effort. (Here, have this discussion about rape for a fine example of why fandom isn't worth the effort.)
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I think pheonix down and kazing only works on those who WANT to be alive, or haven't been killed by.... Whatever the he'll septiroth may be.

I just...I don't even.
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It is a simple ribbed hat in acrylic yarn and they want $35 for it, whut? (I'm quite sure I have that pattern bookmarked and never made it because I didn't like the top.)

Possibly, I don't respect hats because I already knitteded 48* of them this year. But geez.

I have an ear ache. :(

*That's just my Hundred Hat Project hats; I haven't kept track of the ones I've done for friends. Admittedly, most of the Hundred Hat Project hats are roll-brim stockinette done on size US13 needles and require no thought.
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Over on Dreamwidth, elynross points us to amazingly faily quotes from the planning stages of Mammothfail The Thirteenth Child.

Here's a sample, for those of you who like the taste of bile rising in your throats:

...since there won't be any Native Americans to have already done a certain amount of prepping land for human occupation, nor to be exploited later.

Emphasis originally [personal profile] elynross's, but believe me, I'd emphasize it again if I could. Dear gods.

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